Where do we come from?

Oshko is a Canadian tech company. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in computer technology, which includes the design, building and optimization of gaming PCs, is at the core of our company. It is not in our DNA to sit back and wait. We are constantly on the lookout for innovation and cutting-edge technologies, going where few in our industry have dared to go. What defines us is our desire to never settle, to constantly challenge ourselves, and to keep pushing boundaries.

What are our ambitions?

At Oshko, we are using innovation and superior gaming performance to make a name for ourselves. Our goal is to become a global brand. We want to transcend borders and become synonymous with gaming PCs.

Where are we going?

Oshko is leading the way, pushing the industry forward with a premium offering that gamers deserve. We design system for enthusiast gamers that we trust will chose to buy over building their own. We offer a unique mix of modern, sophisticated aesthetic with the highest level of performance all backed up by the best VIP service in the industry.